Kit Builder Guide

Kit Builder Help Guide

Once you’ve selected the product you require make sure you have your logo already saved so you can upload it shortly.

Adding your logo:

  • Click on “text & logos” and then decide which logo you’d like on the front and back
  • Click “front logo” and then click on the plus sign (+) to upload your logo and select the right file
  • You can then adjust the size/position of the logo by clicking on the two arrows (you can use your fingers if using iPhone or touchscreen)
  • If you would like to there is the option of adding both our Uber logo as well as your own logo – these come up on the “logo” section. Please note you can upload more than two logos

Adding team name:

  • Click on “text & logos” and decide whether you’d like front text, back text or both
  • Once deciding which to do first use the little drop down arrow to bring up the colours for your text and adding your text to the product
  • Click the plus sign (+) to add text and then type in your team name or whatever text you’d like on the shirt, use this button to also add any names or numbers you’d like on the back/side/front of the shirt
  • You can then adjust the size/position of the text by clicking on the two arrows (you can use your fingers if using iPhone or touchscreen)
  • Using the display of different colours, you are then able to choose which colour suits your product best, change the font or make things bold

If you are designing playing shirts, you can click the “change design” button in the top left hand corner, this allows you to change the design pattern on the shirt. Don’t worry if you haven’t saved it as this keeps your design/colours and changes it to the new format/design on the shirt you have chosen.

Don’t forget to view the back of your design before proceeding, if you hold and click on the product it allows you to move the design about so you can see all areas.

Finally, clicking finish will save your design and take you through to the final page where you are able to download a PDF file of your designs, email designs to a friend and also most importantly get a quote, this sends your ideas to where our team will then view what you’ve done and come back to you with a quote.

These designs will then stay here until you wish to go further or delete them, please be aware having too many designs filling up this page may result in all designs not being viewable, so do keep checking and updating/deleting ones you no longer require.

Need help? Please contact our team at Uber Sport at either:, 01428 642671 or add us on Skype – UberSport